Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweden's Icy Wonder

Just imagine a lavish hotel that sparkles like crystal, inside and out! Located in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Sweden’s famous Icehotel (all one word) is created entirely of ice and snow…even the beds. (Thick fur padding and covers keep guests warm and cozy as they sleep.) Elegant chandeliers, artistic statues and wall carvings take this place to levels comparable to any fine “regular” hotel. Even the glasses at the bar are made of ice! The hotel’s renowned restaurant offers unique cuisine that cultivates the many flavors of Swedish Lapland. Just outside, visitors will find the River Torne, and above (depending on the time of year), the amazing Northern Lights.

The hotel is located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden and is open from December through April.

Check out my next posting for a little bit about Sweden’s food and a recipe as well.

Like to read? My friend Millie Samuelson is the author of Hungry River, which is partly set in Sweden and features main characters born in Sweden. Here’s a quick overview of the story:

In the midst of the deadly 1900 Boxer Rebellion riots, Nils and Lizzie attempt to flee to safety down the treacherous Great Long Yangtze River. When rebel troops capture them, a fierce-faced commander takes one look at them, then shouts to his men, "Where are the foreign devils? I see only white Chinese. Release them!"

Hungry River tells the story of this daring Swedish-American family struggling to survive in war-tormented China -- a story highlighted by their granddaughter Abbie's modern-day journal entries. A romance triangle, danger, tragedy and despair are all part of the plot. But so are faith, hope, love and triumph.

Learn more about Millie’s books on her website:


  1. My grandfather immigrated from Sweden in 1870. I definitely want to read this! I've been digging into my family tree recently and have learned a lot more about them.

    Thanks, Susan, for your unique blog. I'm enjoying it! :)

  2. How interesting! And I'm sure Millie's book is, too, as she is a very interesting person and sweet as can be!

  3. I wouldn't mind traveling to Sweden one day. I wonder how expensive that hotel is . . .

  4. I'm enjoying your recipes and travelogue, Susan. Excellent. And Millie is a great subject, too.

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