Wednesday, July 20, 2011

High Above

I hope you all enjoy this post by fellow writer Beth Dumey who recently found herself immersed in the dramatic beauty of the northwest.


As a Midwesterner, I seldom get to stand in the shadows of mountains. After a recent trip to Seattle and Vancouver, I’ve been pondering how I might view God differently if I lived in the midst of these gaping wonders.

In Seattle, on clear days, Mount Rainier casts a powerful presence over the city. White-capped and majestic, it is a guidepost for both travelers and natives.
“Can you see Mount Rainier today?” passersby ask as they crook their necks toward the sky. When they catch a glimpse of its outline in the distance, their faces relax into an appreciating “Ahhh…”

A few hours north, Vancouver is buffeted by mountains and one of the most familiar is Grouse Mountain, rising 4,100 feet above the city. A sky ride carries the curious and dedicated (skiers, that is) up to a clearing near the top. Adrenaline junkies looking for a challenge can choose the Grouse Grind instead, foregoing the gondola and hiking the distance. Either way, the view is as compelling as it is humbling. Self-importance dissolves at the foot of towering pine trees and prominent peaks jutting into heaven. The air is thinner. The bears, in their natural habitat, reign.
Perched on a mountainside, a mere speck along a tangle of untamed wildlife and uninhibited tree growth, it seems much easier to understand the sovereignty of God; His mighty power evident all around. Bigger than the breadth of a mountain, higher than the most skyward summit, He is stronger and more capable than all of the creation He spoke into being.

I travel to the mountains because it comforts me. In their shadows, I become smaller and God becomes much bigger. As I look up, I am embraced by the beauty, the grandeur, the fierceness of His presence. With a deep breath, I exhale.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Midwest Flower Power

The Midwest may not have Hawaii’s orchids or Holland’s famous tulip fields, but in my backyard, everything’s coming up daisies…and lilies! I bought these “Crazy Daisies” from a flower catalog a few years back and they are the hardiest and most prolific flowers I’ve ever grown. Just thought I’d share them with all of you.

The flower pots on my deck are having a banner year as well, with a colorful variety of flora chosen by my daughter and me in the spring. Looking at them makes me smile. I hope they bring you a smile as well.

Thank you to all who read and/or commented on my interview with Lynda Schab. The winner of the cookbook drawing from the previous post is:

Congratulations, Jill. You won Sensational Vegetable Recipes - a step-by-step cookbook full of beautiful food photos!

I'll be heading off to the Wisconsin Dells soon for the annual mother/daughter/sister getaway, and will post another little taste of the world late next week!