Monday, February 13, 2012

Palaces of Ice

Heading north in winter is not something I’d normally recommend, but the islands off the coast of Bayfield, Wisconsin offer breathtaking beauty worth the wearing of a few extra layers. If you're very, very lucky, you might experience the ultimate beauty: the Northern Lights (at left).

The Apostle Islands are a cluster of islands reachable by ferryboat most of the year, until the bay between Bayfield and Madeline Island becomes frozen. At that point, island bound visitors can actually drive across the bay via the ice road. While this in itself is a fun and unique experience, it doesn’t compare to the splendor of the island’s ice caves.

Imagine walking or snowshoeing across the ice and into a one of these incredible ice
palaces! Keep in mind that visiting the ice caves requires a 2-mile hike (round trip) and it’s important to call the Ice Line at (715) 779-3397 - extension 3 for the most current ice conditions. F
or more information, check out this website:

Winter spelunking is not the only outdoorsy thing to do on these frosty islands. Try cross country skiing, ice fishing, and winter camping (brrr…no thanks). Or for something really different: dog sledding. You can go for the annual dog sled race in February to watch the fun, or, for a fee,
actually ride a dog sled!

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